Wood mouldings and wood panelling are environmentally sustainable options for decorating or cladding your home. Other forms of building materials like metal and stone have non-renewable, finite sources. However trees can be planted and grown for as long as needed–forever.

Additionally, trees are a carbon-sink, meaning they absorb and store carbon dioxide. Their storing capabilities are greatest when they are young and growing. So continually growing trees helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Not only are wood mouldings and wood panelling sustainable, they are minimally processed and non-toxic. Other common forms of wall coverings, including veneers, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard, some drywalls, and vinyl use chemicals not safe for human health. When used in our homes, they off-gas into the air we breathe. Though more efforts are being made to reduce or eliminate these chemicals, called VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the industry has a long way to go. Fortunately, there are several non-toxic, zero-VOC, stains, varnishes and paints you can use to safely finish real wood panelling and mouldings.

All of our wood products, including tongue and groove wood panelling, shiplap siding, log siding, board and batten, and wood mouldings and trim are made from minimally processed, real wood and therefore recyclable and biodegradable.

So when you choose wood mouldings and panelling, rest assured you’re making an environmentally friendly choice.

If you’d like an idea of what’s possible using this sustainable and beautiful option for your home, give us a call. You can read about the different types of wood we use here. And you can schedule a tour to see our finished products and our workshop in person.

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