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Do I need to let the product climatize in my house before installation?

It’s not mandatory. All our lumber is certified kiln dried and with our interior products we either additionally kiln dry them or additionally air dry them for at least two weeks in our dry windy climate. Therefore, allowing them to climatize has basically already been done.

How much extra product should I order to make up for cut offs and make sure I have enough?

A common number is 10% extra.

How often do I need to refinish or redo the stain on exterior wood siding?

This depends on which finish you choose. Some finishes you only apply need to apply once. With others it’s a good idea to redo the south side of your building every couple years and the other sides every 6 years, assuming your building is in the northern hemisphere.

What should I use to fasten the product?

A battery or air powered nailer with small finishing nails is the best way to install our 1×6 and other thin products. There is a also a specific flooring nailer available which makes flooring installation much easier. For heavier products you may want to use a larger nail or screw.

Where should I fasten the product?

With our tongue and groove products you can put a nail at the base of the tongue at a 45 degree angle towards the board. This way the groove hides the nail head when you install the next board. For products without a tongue and groove connection you just put the nail in the face of the board, which is a more secure way of fastening the product anyways.