Alpine Mouldings is a premier Canadian lumber remanufacturer specializing in tongue and groove, siding, flooring, and mouldings. Our products are made directly at our facility in southern Alberta with local materials and can be customized to exact specifications.

With years of millwork and manufacturing experience, Alpine Mouldings can assist with any sized project. We specialize in creating beautiful pine tongue and groove for cabins or any space where a rustic natural atmosphere is desired. With our top-of-the-line equipment and our excellent customer service, we’re sure to be a valuable partner for any project.


Alpine Mouldings started with two craftsmen who had a strong passion for their local community and creating high-quality wood products. Following their passion and dreams, they invested in second-hand wood cutting equipment. From there, their dedication and passion for the craft elevated Alpine Mouldings to a highly regarded lumber mill in Alberta.

While our staff has grown to include a variety of experts, our focus has remained the same. Our team continues to devote their time and energy to manufacturing high-quality wood products using local materials in the famous rustic Alberta style.


At Alpine Mouldings, our mission is to create high quality products at a competitive rate to support our customers and local community.

We believe that our commitment to quality, coupled with our dedication to customer service, makes us one of the most trusted Canadian lumber mills. We believe true success is making others successful.