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We are a small business out in the country and would love it if you'd stop in for a visit or to take a look!


We have standard products for very economical prices or we can make your custom product just the way you want it.

High Quality

Our boards are fed through the mill and stacked on the other end by hand. We inspect each board as it comes through the moulder to ensure quality and minimal waste.

About Alpine Mouldings

Alpine Mouldings Ltd. is a custom wood mill located near Pincher Creek, Alberta. We make quality products such as tongue and groove, siding, flooring, and mouldings. Our main species are pine, fir, and cedar, but we can provide hardwoods as well. All of our products are kiln dried.  Being close to the mountain forests we get quality lumber in at a reasonable price. If you are fortunate enough to find us, you can buy direct from us, the mill, instead of purchasing from the store and paying an extra mark up. Our shop managers inspect each board individually as it comes through the moulder to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction. We also offer custom milling and custom kiln drying if you have a product you want to use, for example reclaimed barn wood milled into flooring or large timbers dried out so they don’t move after they are installed. If you don’t want to bother with finishing your product after you pick it up, we can do that for you as well. 

Our Story

Alpine Mouldings started when two young men from the country bought some used wood cutting equipment from a business in town and set it up in one of their old chicken barns. Their focus was quality products and being honest and fair with their customers. Their country lifestyle work ethics and honesty grew the business year after year with very little advertising. Today the focus is the same. The current owners are former cattle ranchers with a deep appreciation for rustic natural beauty. Good work, honesty, and taking care of their neighbors are very important to them. We consider you our neighbor and would love to help you be successful with your project. We believe true success is making others successful. Please stop in or give us a call and we'll be happy to visit!

Want to see our products?

Mark Carpenter

Rustic Cabins Spruce View, AB

"With well over 100 modular cabins finished inside and out with wood products exclusively from Alpine Mouldings I have never had any defective material. I have been very happy with all of the T&G products I've purchased! Your unique process of strip piling and air drying wood that is already kiln dried makes your products very stable and greatly reduces any issues with cupping. Thanks for your attention to quality and to customer satisfaction."


Emerson Trail Building Supplies

"Regan & Wally and the staff at Alpine Mouldings are great people to work with! I get a strong sense that they genuinely care about their customers and their products. GO, TEAM ALPINE!

The products that Alpine produces and sells is very good quality at a fair price. They always make sure that the bundles are tight and well-wrapped. As well, they work very hard to meet our sometimes crazy demands. We look forward to continue working together with everyone at Alpine for a long time to come.
Thanks again."

David and Sue Kyllo


“Alpine Moulding is a wonderful small friendly family company who know you by name. They are personable and easy to work with. Their product is of fine quality and made promptly to your order specifications. The wood is beautiful and easy to work with. Our whole house is finished inside with their product and we love it!!!”

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