Wood mouldings and wood panelling are popular choices for building and finishing beautiful homes. They add a natural element to our living spaces that is warm and relaxing.

Achieve desired looks depending on the type of wood you choose for different moulding and panelling projects. For example, oak and cedar are beautifully coloured and look elegant as wood panelling instead of boring drywall. Pine and fir are valued for their versatility and are easy to customise with paints or stains. Envision painted wood moulding adding texture and a perfect finishing touch to a room.

Wood panelling and wood moulding options

  • Pine: A softwood, light in colour, but darkens with age like other woods. It is often painted, however it takes stain well–more evenly than hardwood. Pine is our most popular interior wood panelling choice. It’s affordable, easy to work with and full of charm.
  • Fir: A softwood but stronger and harder than pine. It has excellent rot resistance and is great for outdoor or indoor wood panelling. It’s light in weight and very durable. However, like pine, it is prone to dents and scratches if not suitably protected.
  • Cedar: Another softwood, cedar is light and strong. Many people enjoy it for its warm colour and aromatic smell. Cedar is highly adaptable as different kinds of mouldings around the home or as panelling inside or out. Its natural resistance to rot, insects and moisture absorption make it a long-lasting, top choice.
  • Oak: This hardwood is usually clear-coated to show off its grain and colour. It has great visual appeal as crown moulding. Because it doesn’t scratch or dent easily, it makes excellent baseboards and casings around windows and doors.

There are other woods available as well, like maple, mahogany and cherry. Grains and colour of wood vary with the area in which they grew as well as their living conditions. This makes for lots of variety, so there’s a suitable wood for every home, project, and budget. We’d be pleased to help you choose.

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