The craftsmanship behind wood mouldings and heritage wood siding is evident at first sight: remarkable beauty and unmatched quality. But beyond the authenticity they lend to the interior and exterior of your home, true craftsmanship starts with high-grade materials and carries through the design and finishing processes. All with the utmost care, consideration, and pride to produce the very best products available–for you.

Here at Alpine Mouldings, our craftsmanship is on full display in all of our products, from wood siding to wood mouldings. And it all starts right from the beginning.

Our mill, near the mountain forests of Alberta, gives us access to high-quality Canadian lumber at reasonable costs. We are able to source from such diverse and popular species such as pine, fir and cedars. However, if our customers would prefer hardwoods for their projects, we provide those as well.

An engaging product-design process means you get exactly what you want. This is especially valuable for projects that require matching to an existing aesthetic, as with heritage siding. Customising new siding to replicate the look of existing siding lets you update your exterior–or parts of it–without changing the look. Of course this also works wonderfully to recreate a heritage look on a new building as well.

Quality craftsmanship continues as each of our products is inspected as it comes off the moulder, ensuring the durable, perfect designs you expect. Because we are a full-service production and finishing facility, we can meet the demands of the most complex projects

We appreciate the dedication, care, and craftsmanship that goes into our customers’ projects and match it with our own. Give us a call or come in to see for yourself.
Alpine Mouldings’ lumber mill is open for scheduled showings. Book an appointment to see our products and lumber mill in person! 403-627-8873