Custom wood mouldings add a unique finishing touch to your home that is both notable and memorable. Whether your tastes align with traditional forms, a rustic appearance, or if you prefer a contemporary look, custom wood mouldings speak for themselves in every presentation. Have a look at some of the benefits.

Custom wood moulding benefits

  • Value – wood mouldings add value to your home: aesthetic value if you live in the home and market value if you’re trying to sell. Given the choice between a house with them and one without, buyers will choose the one with real wood mouldings.
  • Custom measurements – our wood mouldings are milled and finished by us, so you get exactly what you ask for. This is a great opportunity for specialty projects, projects with non-standard specifications, and DIYers.
  • Look/style – Choose the size and design you want for the look you’re going for. There’s no need to settle for generic or limited mouldings at the local hardware store just because that’s all that was in stock. We can custom-make anything you need for your project.
  • Replacements – if you’re replacing damaged boards it can be hard or even impossible to source the original look. With custom wood mouldings, you’ll get an exact match every time.
  • Quality – our wood mouldings are made from real wood sourced from top-grade Canadian lumbers like pine, fir, cedar and other hardwoods.
  • Local – Wood mouldings can be more expensive than other choices, however, the strategic location of our lumber mill provides us with access to high-quality local materials at reduced costs. We pass those savings on to you so that wood mouldings are an affordable option for projects as small as a home renovation to as large as a custom cabin or home build.

Custom wood mouldings are a solid choice for attractive home finishes with many practical and aesthetic benefits. Give us a call to discuss your design ideas and see what works best for you. Or schedule a visit to come see our products in person.

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