The Modern time period was in full force from the 1930s to the 1960s. This is when architecture shifted away from ornate and showy in favour of simpler, more unembellished designs, while also incorporating more natural materials like stone, metal and glass. Wood has always been preferred for mouldings, before and during this time, and straight up to present-day.

Just like then, today’s architecture also embraces a minimalist look. Simple lines emphasise function over form with a clean, and sophisticated aesthetic.

This is especially relevant for our modern homes today, with trends favouring smaller, more cosy living spaces. Wood mouldings that are less visually demanding create a lighter, more easy-going atmosphere; perfect for spending time indoors with your family, away from a busy world.. 

Additionally, while plainer in design than in periods past–the Victorian era for instance– wood mouldings designed for today’s more minimalist homes retain the same lovely elegance. Just balance them with their surroundings to give a room a finish that is refined and attractive to the eye.

Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the more unembellished wood mouldings are, the more important quality becomes. Because, when designs are simple and clean, there is nowhere for imperfections or poor-quality craftsmanship to hide.

So, the best way to incorporate wood mouldings into modern–or today’s–architecture is twofold. Firstly, visually balance your wood mouldings within the room, whether it’s a bedroom, den, or other living space . Remember, smaller spaces look better with more simply styled mouldings. Secondly, choose high quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Look for a reputable lumber mill with access to their own wood; the ability to custom design exactly what you need; and whose products meet high standards of excellence.

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