We talked a little bit about how to enhance a home’s interior design using custom wood mouldings and custom wood trim. After a brief recap, we have a few more ideas for you.

Custom wood moulding designs

  • Crown mouldings
  • Picture rails
  • Baseboards
  • Casings

Our suggestions cover the use of crown mouldings and picture rails at and near the ceiling level respectively, baseboards where walls meet the floor, and casings around windows and doors.

The benefits of these easy and important finishing touches are twofold. One, they provide functionality in the way they hide junctions or seams between walls and ceilings, floor and openings. Two, they add definition and character, and convey elegance and style.

Now we have more options for you to consider. 

Custom wood trim designs

  • Picture frame moulding
  • Chair rail moulding
  • Textured wall design

Picture frame moulding is a simple yet effective way to add class and romance to your style. It’s entirely decorative and brings visual interest to any room. The picture above is a fine example of this type of design using custom wood trim. If your home has unique architectural elements, this style of trim can be made to enhance their beauty.

Chair rail moulding is a classic design choice, historically meant to protect walls from being damaged by chairs and other furniture. It sits about 30” up from the floor, depending on the height of the room, and is often paired with wainscoting or beadboard panelling. If you prefer traditional, old-world designs, consider this style. It also complements v-joint tongue and groove flooring very well.

Textured wall designs give an updated, modern feel to rooms in the form of an accent wall. An accent wall, or focus wall is a wall that draws the eye upon entering a room. In older homes, this one wall often featured a different fancy wallpaper. Today, custom wood trim takes its place. Choose the width of trim (it can be up to several inches) that looks balanced with the room and create a patterned wall. Chevrons, for example, look amazing. Paint the trim the same colour as the other walls to keep the focus on the texture and elegance.

There are many ways to enhance your interior design with wood mouldings and trims. Tell us your ideas and we’ll help bring them to life.

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