Wood mouldings have a long history as design elements in people’s homes. Harkening back to ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations, they were used as support structures or to separate different surfaces. Intricate designs played with shadow to create beautiful, repeating patterns to please the eye.

Today, wood mouldings fill more of a decorative role, hiding the junction between walls and ceilings, floors, windows and doors. They retain an element of shadow play to create visual interest, and are painted or stained to allow the beauty of natural wood to take centre stage.

The evolution of wood mouldings has gone from the large, detailed, ornate designs of Victorian England to smaller, more understated and elegantly quiet designs we see in modern homes today. While they may not be as ubiquitous as in earlier times, many of the different kinds of wood mouldings are immediately identifiable when you walk into a home

Types of wood mouldings

  • Crown mouldings
  • Picture rails
  • Baseboard
  • Casing

For instance, in older homes, you’re more likely to find ornate crown mouldings. Crown mouldings run along the ceiling. Historically, the larger and more ornate the design, the more status they conveyed. Today they add a touch of romance and 18th century aesthetic. You might also see picture rails, which mostly just exist in galleries now but are making a comeback in modern homes. Both of these styles are readily available from a professional Canadian lumber mill.

Baseboard, a.k.a. mop board,  covers the seam between the wall and the floor. It protects the lower walls from impacts and from wet mops.

Casing is the name for the wood moulding found around windows and door frames. They give a room a finished, polished look. Like the other forms of moulding, casing styles are highly customizable so take your time to find the perfect one for your home.

Here at Alpine Mouldings, we provide real wood trim and mouldings. They are available in beautiful pine, fir, and various hardwoods. Additionally, we can finish products to meet traditional, rustic, and contemporary designs. Give us a call with your specifications!

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