People love the look of a log cabin and many dream of owning one. But working with full logs presents a lot of challenges that continue even after the house is built. There is a cheaper, easier option that evokes the same charm and character without the drawbacks. That option is log siding. 

The advantages of log siding

  • Aesthetics: It makes a house look like a log home, with the same authentic, rustic appearance. Enjoy the warmth and natural appeal without the expense and high maintenance work required of one. 
  • Durable: It’s a durable, long-lasting, insulating, water-shedding material. We offer siding choices in pine, fir or cedar which measure their lifespans in decades, from 20+ – 80 yrs.
  • Easier and cheaper to install than logs: No cranes, specialty carpenters or machinery are required to install log siding. In fact, with the right tools and know-how, homeowners can install it themselves.
  • More design options: this siding can be installed on the exterior and/or interior of a home. Choosing exclusively for the exterior leaves room for different design options for the interior, like our pennygap tongue and groove shiplap or our  v-joint tongue and groove panelling
  • Lower maintenance: Full log homes are high maintenance because the logs settle and shrink or expand throughout the year, leaving gaps that continuously need caulking. Doors and windows become hard to open or shut at times. Log siding mimics the look of full logs but fits together securely and won’t settle or leave undesirable openings into your home.

Log siding is a beautiful cladding option for your home. It is both cheaper and easier to install and maintain than full logs. Considerable durability as well as additional design options make this a top choice for discerning homeowners.

Alpine Mouldings specializes in producing high-quality log siding that is manufactured to the specifications you need. Tell us about your project and get a free estimate.