To save money, there is a growing interest in downsizing and minimalist living. In response, people are building very small houses, called tiny homes, or micro homes. However, they still want the same homey feeling they’d expect from a full-sized house in their much smaller spaces. The problem is, well, the lack of space. So we’ve come up with a solution.

Here at Alpine Mouldings, we make two kinds of tongue and groove: structural, favoured as exposed finished flooring and ceilings in traditional, full-sized houses, and lightweight, expressly made for tiny home builders.

Structural tongue and groove

  • 2”x6”/8”/10”
  • Stable
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Smooth

Our structural tongue and groove, as the name suggests, can be used as structural flooring or roofing. Many cabins showcase this type of panelling. An exposed, finished look lends a natural beauty to the interior. It can also be painted or stained to your liking. Additionally, it’s also ideal for horse stalls when made of fir. This is due to fir’s durability and less likelihood of being chewed on than other woods, like pine.

Lightweight tongue and groove

  • 5/16” thick
  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Replaces or goes over drywall

Lightweight tongue and groove is the optimal choice for tiny-home designers. At only 5/16” thick, it’s both lightweight and economical. It adds a cozy sophistication to even the smallest space. But it’s not just for tiny homes. Because it can be installed over drywall, or even instead of drywall, it’s a great option for all sorts of spaces like lofts, book nooks, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms.

Like shiplap, tongue and groove has long been a favoured panelling choice for walls, ceilings and floors. Typically made of cedar, pine or fir, it adds strength, character, texture and warmth to our interior spaces. Big or small, they all feel like home.

Alpine Mouldings is happy to give you a free estimate on our structural and lightweight tongue and groove panelling. Come see our products in person too! We’re located in Pincher Creek, AB. 403-627-8873