V-joint tongue and groove (also called v-groove) is a type of wood panelling used most often on walls and ceilings. You will find this handsome cladding in traditional and modern homes alike. In fact, pine v-joint tongue and groove is our top selling product (we also offer fir, cedar and a selection of hardwoods).

The words “tongue and groove” refer to the type of join that holds the boards together. Think of a tab sliding into a slot. This type of joint is strong and stable; perfect for flat surfaces. The “V-joint” modifier refers to the overall look where the edge of the board is cut on the diagonal. With the boards joined together, the slants form a decorative V-shape. The result is a lovely, textured surface that can be aligned vertically or horizontally, as you wish.

Popular looks for V-joint tongue and groove panelling

  • Classical/traditional
  • Contemporary/modern
  • Historical

Classically, tongue and groove boards evoke a country-style feel, warm and welcoming to both family and guests. In more contemporary settings, v-joint panelling softens interior spaces to create a character-rich, cosy environment. Alternatively, it readily captures a sense of history; of early design embodying strength, stalwartness and perseverance.

In any of these scenarios, combine the wood with other natural materials such as stone or marble and indoor greenery to bring about a calming or relaxing atmosphere. Design opportunities are wide open for this versatile medium.

V-joint tongue and groove comes with a number of finishing options. Leave it raw for a completely rustic feel. Stain it (know that it will darken with age). Or paint it, befitting your mood and desired ambiance. 

Of course, whatever you decide, Alpine Mouldings works with you to bring your designs to life. We specialize in producing high-quality, affordable wood products manufactured to the specifications you need. 

Alpine Mouldings delivers. We inspect all of our products for quality, craftsmanship and durability. Give us a call to talk about your project. 403-627-8873