Tongue and groove panelling came to be associated with a farmhouse or country living aesthetic, particularly as plaster and drywall use rose in urban centres. But more and more, people want to return to building with natural materials, for their simplicity and sheer beauty. Tongue and groove shines with these qualities and is easier than you think to fit into modern aesthetics.

The sky’s the limit with ways to incorporate this handsome wood panelling into a contemporary home’s design. Create ceilings, feature walls, transition rooms, and kitchen accents; change the width of the boards, or paint it, to create texture and eye-pleasing interest.

Tongue and groove modernizes amazingly well

  • Ceilings. Natural wood ceilings are all very popular. Modernize this oft overlooked part of the house with tongue and groove to add dimension, texture and interest.
  • Kitchens. Add a backsplash around the sink or the entire prep area. Co-ordinate with an island for a warm and inviting modern kitchen.
  • Customised boards. Updating décor with tongue and groove panelling is easily done by changing the width of the boards. Choose a narrower profile to create energy; go wider to slow things down. Tongue and groove can be as fun or relaxed as you want it to be.
  • As a feature. Accent areas of your home with natural wood panelling to add freshness and style. Think of a feature wall, a closet or storage area, or highlight the area under the staircase. Use it as wainscotting on the lower part of walls to add a layer of sophistication.
  • As a transition. Give a nod to the outdoors by using natural wood in rooms that transition to outside. This could be a sunroom, a mudroom, a covered porch, even an outdoor kitchen.
  • Paint. If a wood look just makes you think ‘country’ and ‘old-fashioned’, add a coat of paint! Painting in today’s colours instantly modernizes a wood-panelled room yet still maintains the texture and interest that pleases the eye.

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