Tongue and groove is the preferred interior design choice for those who love the natural warmth and charm of wood. Created from various woods like pine, fir or cedar, for example, this type of panelling is perfect for creating sturdy yet stylish walls and ceilings in homes across Canada.

One of tongue and grooves most appealing features is its versatility. Homeowners have a number of options available to customize the look to match their favoured aesthetic and functionality.

Tongue and groove & attractive and functional spaces

  • Cozy, warm, natural aesthetic
  • Can make a room look taller or larger
  • Match the type of wood and finish to its functionality
  • It’s attractive!


Natural wood has been a beloved choice for our home and families for centuries. It makes a house really feel like a home. You can vary the aesthetics with your choice of wood, visual finish (colour and grain), textural finish (rough or smooth), type of board (v-joint or shiplap tongue and groove) and installation orientation (vertical or horizontal).

Optical effect

The direction of installation, or orientation, creates an interesting and effective optical effect. Vertical placement of the boards makes a room look taller. Horizontally placement makes a room appear longer or larger. Use this to balance out different rooms and hallways in your house.


Different woods have different properties. For example, fir is stronger than pine. Therefore it’s a better choice for a load-bearing ceiling as well as anywhere there might be impacts with the wall–like the children’s playroom.

Finishes have different properties as well. For areas exposed to moisture like a kitchen or mudroom, choose an appropriate finish like a semi-gloss paint that will protect the wood and make splash and spill cleanups easy.

It’s Attractive!

Tongue and groove looks great whether it’s finished or left natural. Unfinished pine is a favourite for a truly rustic look because of the many decorative knots and grain of the wood. Cedar has a deeper, richer colour that many people admire. Interestingly, some woods may darken over time. However, the colours of different woods can be stabilized–or enhanced–with different stains.

We have custom staining and coating available for our customers as well as several different kinds of woods. Come in to see us and check it out all the beautiful choices!

Alpine Moulding materials are sourced from high-quality Canadian lumber. Give us a call for help with your design or to order custom products