Wood mouldings increase your property’s value when they are made of high-quality materials and installed correctly. Additionally, put some thought into the size and finish to ensure they complement the dimensions and feel of the room.

When wood mouldings add value

  • Made of high-quality natural wood
  • Installed correctly
  • Proportionate to the room’s dimensions

We admire natural wood for its durability and warm nature. So it’s no surprise it is a coveted material for our home’s interior spaces. Wood mouldings have been used for centuries to decorate, disguise, delineate, and define our living rooms, bedrooms, dens, kitchens, halls, and bathrooms using a variety of applications. For instance, crown mouldings along the ceiling, baseboards along the floor, and/or casings around windows and doors. You can find one or more of these in most every home, adding grace and the feeling of luxury.

But, like all decorating choices, wood mouldings need to fit in and stay balanced with the other features of the room.

To begin, stand back to get a good look and feel for a room.

If it’s a large room with tall ceilings, classically styled wood mouldings help harmonise the space. These can be wide, elaborate and custom-styled. In this scenario, crown mouldings, picture rails, wainscoting, baseboards and casings give a beautifully polished look.

When the room is smaller, simpler and fewer is better, so as not to overpower the visual field of view, yet still add definition, depth, interest, and elegance. Choose wood mouldings that are a little more plain and narrow. They blend in more while generating a friendly charm and quiet dignity.

Next is installation. It needs to be done correctly. Sloppy work will make potential buyers wonder if the rest of the house is full of questionable work too. If your skills are up to it, great! If not, hire a professional to install them for you. When it comes to improving your property value, you won’t regret it.

Find quality wood mouldings at a reputable mill with access to real wood. Pine, fir, or hardwoods are all fine choices and will look fantastic. They should also be able to apply the appropriate finish to your mouldings and add other customisations as requested.

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